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Dr. Karl Meier

Maxilliofacial Surgey | Specialist A

Meet Our Doctor!

Dr. Karl E. Meier was born on 1957 in Munich, Germany, is married and with two adult children. Graduated in dentistry in Germany and started his career as a Dentist in 1981. Has great passion for surgery he continued his medical education for another 5 years to become a Maxillofacial Surgeon. He worked as Specialist in the hospital of Munich Technical University while studying Human Medicine.

In the late 1980’s He was involved in the modern screw designed Titanium Implant System when it was first introduced in Germany at the Medical School in Hannover. Thereby, he treated trauma patients in the Hospital and all kinds of Oral Surgery especially Implantology with all the different techniques of Bone Surgery.

Maxillofacial Surgery in Germany is the largest medical education worldwide required in the early 1990’s. He started his own clinic in the Center of Munich while continuing his education in Holistic Medicine, Pain Therapy and Sleep Disorder Therapy.

He found the interest to work in U.A.E and started his career at Hans Medical Centre earlier on 2014.

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