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Prof. Dr. Ashok Govilla

Plastic Surgery | Consultant A

Meet Our Doctor!

Dr. Ashok Govila- MBBS,MS,FRCS(England),MCh(Mejestica Chirurgica)

Plastic Surgeon:

Professor Ashok Govila with experience of over 35 years in Aesthetic Plastic surgery including in England, United Arab Emirates and in India has some more then fifty thousands successful surgical procedures ending into a delighted patients to his credit. He is known internationally as an author of several books in the filed of plastic surgery such as “Practical approach to plastic surgery” and “alternative free flaps” and co-author in more then a dozen of internationally known books along with over 80 articles in international journals. He has been presiding in several international conferences as the chair in gulf and in US His expertise in the field evolved with association and learning from the master like Prof. Tom Gibson and Ian McGregor and Professor D.A Mcgrowther at Canniesburn Hospital in Glasgow, England, John Kirk of Scotland, Ian Jackson of USA , Prof. C BalaKrishnan the father of Indian plastic surgery and Prof. C. P. Sawney of India while training at most prestigious university Hospital of India called postgraduate institute of medical education and research at Chandigarh.

He also spent good deal of time with Mr.R.C.Bell who has been a co-author in Rodney Smith book - a treatise on operative surgery in 15 volumes. Royal college of Surgeons of England facilitated him with the honor of FRCS in 2004 based on his authority in his profession and work in UAE. Similar honor was bestowed upon him many years back by the Indian Association of Surgeons when he was granted honorary degree of FAIS.

He has surgical procedures that goes by his name like Govila's Extracorporeal Tissue Transfer which he invented in 1984 and worked the refinements until 1993 and published a book on operative surgery of this procedure.

His principle work and interest for past 15 years has been in cosmetic surgery where He has operated on more then 16000 patients. With in cosmetic surgery he is most interested in augmentation and reduction memmoplasty ,Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) and Abdominoplasty(Tummy tuck)Lip augmentation, Facial fillers ,Botox, Liposuction and Lipolysis (dissolving fat chemically)and Fat transfer. He has a wide range of experience in fixing problems created by complications of other surgeons. He is an artist by nature which is most suited for his profession of creation of beauty


Ability for correct judgment while deciding among the surgical options for a given aesthetic problem towards achieving the best possible results, since this is of prime importance in the field of aesthetic surgery. Ability to implement such decisions with skill and surgical dexterity involving the entire team in the process.

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