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Slimming / Spa

This is the slimming program ideal for you. No need for gym workouts which save your valuable time. We provide a unique level to lose weight and slim effectively. With a great combination of a safe, natural body forming pearls from Germany and our newest state of the art body shaping facility we guarantee an effective 100% result.

Detox and Light Therapy:

Detox- We have an organic nanoeffective solution which cleanses the digestive tract by eliminating all the toxins in our body. This is perfect in combination with our Detox Mineralized Algae Body Wrap contains focus algae and brown algae luminaria which is rich in iodine and a very good body cleanser.

Full Body Treatment- We aim to attain a very good result while keeping you relax and comfortable. We offer services like Body cocoa musk (100% natural cocoa from the best cocoa place in the world- Ivory Coast) it is rich in collagen which acts in repairing cells and a very good antioxidant helps to brighten up you skin; We also have organic products derived from the fresh natural aloe-vera from Germany for Body Rejuvenation; Body Brightening and Lightening Treatment for fairer and healthier skin tone.

Micro-Cell Therapy – This is one of a kind body treatment that works for body slimming, firming, sculpting and rejuvenation. A Sybaritic Oxygen Steaming Cell with infrared light therapy which helps you relax while attaining its best result.

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Slimming / Spa

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